Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make your child a skirt

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I tried my luck at making my daughter a skirt today. Since I have been on the recycle clothing kick lately I decided to use an old skirt of mine for the fabric.
I just measured the length of my daughter from her hip to her knee and cut the skirt that height and the width I used only one side of the skirt for that. I sewed up the short side of the skirt. Since the hem was already done for me I skipped that step. Yeah!! I hate hemming. Next was the waist line. I actually sewed the top of the skirt to a pair of short shorts. All I did was mark the skirt in 4 equal places. Them did the same on the top of the shorts. Sew the skirt to the top of the skirt stretching as you go. Fold over raw edge as you go to so you do not have to sew twice. All done.
Here is a tutorial for making skirts

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