Saturday, February 27, 2010

Make a 2 layer twirl skirt

I am trying out this tutorial. Here are all the measurements to make this skirt.

I also typed up the tutorial from the magazine that had this skirt pattern in it. Check it out here.

Size         1st band              1st ruffle            2nd band           2nd ruffle
18 mos    4.5x11.75            5.75x23            3x11.75             5x23
2             4.75x12               6x23.5              4x12                 5x23.5
3             4.75x13               6  x24               4x13             5 x24
4             4.75x14               7 x24.5             4x14             6x24.5
5             5.5x15                 8x24.75            4x15                 6x24.75
6             6x16                    9x25                 4x16              7x25
** cut 2 of each layer

I made mine for an 18 month old. Little to short for me so I put shorts underneath it instead of sewing in elastic in the waist. I just sewed the skirt to the waist band of the shorts using the elastic to gather the top. Worked great.   I adjusted the above measurements to make the skirt a little longer.  Happy sewing.

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